4 attitudes that are guaranteed to turn off your audience

It’s not just the factual content of your presentation that determines how well it is received by your audience. You can’t consistently sell ideas by pure showmanship with no substance either. The most carefully thought out and designed slide deck can be marred by the attitudes of the speaker. There are 4 common pitfalls that you must learn to avoid if you would like to be known as an effective speaker and communicator or ideas. Read more ›

Why you should stop trying to do everything on your own

We like to believe that our personal efforts are critical and indispensable to the organisation. Effective delegation is one of the most powerful tools for improving productivity. Letting go of activities that don’t need our specific skills and that can be done by others, is the single most important act that can liberate us from drudgery. Today’s world hinges on collaboration. Read more ›

A skill any doctor should have and why

A sense of being overwhelmed accompanies any attempt to find information on the Internet. There is way too much for us to handle and make sense of. The fault may be largely our own. We don’t know how to use strategies that can sharpen the focus of search results. This post will show you how the use of a four part search question can vastly improve the value of stuff that is thrown back at you. Read more ›

5 things you didn’t know about being a productive doctor

In our day-to-day professional lives, we come across people who seem to be able to get more hours out of the day than others. “That’s a real gift they have; I wish I could have that”, is a common reaction. You are wrong on both counts. Productivity is not a gift; it is a trait acquired by repeated practice and reinforcement. Yes, you can acquire the same skill by consciously working at a set of good habits and practices. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do to increase your productivity. Read more ›